How to clear Facebook ID Pic verification :-

Everyone knows Facebook.Facebook is an online social networking service. Facebook attempts to keep on top of scams and community standards violations, so some times our id gets blocked. There are many reasons like you did not use your real name, joined too many groups,added as friend too many people etc. If you want to open blocked id then there is a trick.With the help of this trick you can clear Facebook id pic verification and you can open your blocked account.

Steps For Facebook ID Pic Verification :-

=> Step 1
Go to Google images search

=> Step 2
Type Facebook “name of 1st friend” copy and paste from blocked account

=> Step 3
Search , you will see the picture of the 1st friend in the 1st 3 results

=> Step 4
If you didn’t identify the picture, repeat the same

=> Step 5
If you didn’t identify the friend.simply skip the picture and you will get another one (always you have 2 skips/picture)

Step 6
After you identify the 5 pictures Facebook will ask you to change your password and email password

=> Step 7
Change your Facebook account password and confirm that you change your email password (even you don’t)

=> Step 8
Now every thing is OK.!!