5 Tricks To Increase Alexa Rank



What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank of websites gives us an idea about the popularity of a website.Although its not very accurate, it is widely used by advertisers to sell campaigns to sites. Another method to check the popularity is Google page rank but its updated at very long intervals which results in many good websites not being recognised.

Alexa ranking is not a direct method of ranking. Only those visitors are counted which pass through their servers. Those people who have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers are counted by alexa for any website”s ranking. People visiting any site without alexa toolbar will not be considered for that site’s ranking.

Now, For website owners it is very important to have a good alexa rank for their site. Here are 5 tricks to increase alexa rank of a website or blog.

5 Tricks To Increase Alexa Rank

1) Alexa Toolbar :- Install alexa toolbar in all your browsers and ask your friends to do the same. The more visits you get through alexa toolbar, better ranking you get. Ask your social media followers to install alexa toolbar. You can sure them by showing its advantage that they can check the popularity of any site by clicking the alexa icon in their browser toolbar.

2) Content is king :- If you update fresh and regular content on your blog then alexa rank will surely boost up. So, regularly updating of your blog constanly improve your alexa rank. Google loves such blogs and the crawl rate is very high for such blogs.

3) Target Audience :- You must target the people who, you think, have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers. You should target for keywords like blogging,seo etc to get visitors from bloggers community. Most of the bloggers ,webmasters have alexa toolbar installed.

4) Social Engagement :-  For any website to sustain in the competition, social engagement is very important to have a strong presence on the social networking sites. Build a unique and attractive Fan page of your site on all major social networking sites like Facebook and google+ and post viral content on them. You are more likely to get repeat visitors who have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

5) Claim Your Site :- Sign Up for an account on alexa and claim your site by verifying the ownership of your site. Add the about section and description of your site on alexa. You can subscribe to their Advanced plan for getting better results although I don’t recommend that if you are a newbie in blogging.

These are the 5 tricks to increase alexa rank of a website.I am also new to blogging. I also applied these tricks and my alexa rank went upto 500000 from 1200000 and still improving constantly.

So, Implement these 5 tricks to increase alexa rank on your website and share the results with us. It will surely help you boost your alexa rank. Comment below if you have any queries.